Phoenix: Eternal

When death's no end, how does one spend
the countless lives which lie ahead?

What comes of such eternity
if all I am is merely me?

I sense new purpose must be found
in each beginning coming round:

to not repeat what went before,
but rather become something more

than death and life made to repeat
or progress lost with each retreat.

I should grow stronger with each fall,
retain some wisdom after all,

fly higher, further, which each burn,
and from my ashes always learn.

Perfection being God's alone,
there yet are truths I should have known,

so many things I could refine
before the next time I resign.

When resurrecting, may I free
myself from what I used to be

and elevate in every way
in body, mind, and soul each day.

Phoenix: Eternal © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: March 7, 2021