Phoenix: Salvation

There will be those who weigh you down
or lure you lower than
the ground.

Around the crater of your crash
they'll sift through cinders,
comb for bones

or gamble you'd be gone for good,
supposing none survive
such falls.

Confer protection, brilliance, warmth.
Exhausting thoughts, be love
and burn

though they'll know not what they have done:
forgive them quickly,
pray they learn.

Dust off the soot of loss and lean
toward honor, truth, and peace,
then leap!

How shocked they'll be to see you fly
beyond horizons
fears deny.

Be more than symbol, strength, and dream.
Be light!  Inspire!  Revive!

Phoenix: Salvation © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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This iteration of the Phoenix, as I am interpreting it here, is mostly inspired by Jesus Christ, including His Crucifixion, sacrifice, resurrection, and redemption.
Submitted: November 21, 2021