A Poet's Name-Verb Dictionary (Now with Usage Examples)

I. Definitions

Earhart: be first, to soar, break records set.
Shakespeare: poeticize for all of time.
Austen: observe, portray perceptively.
King: advocate equality.
Nightingale: nurse the fallen, comfort, heal.
Lincoln: articulate and liberate.
Mother Teresa: sacrifice to serve the poor.
Copernicus: subvert antiquated views.
Child: expand one's taste, ingredients.
Gandhi: model peace, refuse the yoke.
Sacagawea: help interpret, guide the way.
Christ: inspirit souls with hopes of God.
Shikibu: create a classic narrative.
Mozart: compose, delight for centuries.
Potter: illustrate and fascinate.
Gutenberg: disseminate ideas widely.
Dickinson: express one's mind as no one else.
Picasso: advance all art beyond itself.
Rogers: dance with flair as if on air.
Socrates: educate through questions pressed.
Carson: conserve the Earth, preserving life.
Einstein: theorize, compute, inspire.

II. Usage Examples:

She wants to Earhart her way into the history books.
He wishes he could out-Shakespeare the others.
I wish someone would Austen 21st century life.
We should look past our differences and King.
How she Nightingaled her patients.
Imagine someone Lincolning the world.
It takes rare patience and love to Mother Teresa the unfortunate.
The cosmologist hopes to Copernicus his colleagues.
She Childed; they cleaned their plates.
More people should Gandhi their oppressors.
She could Sacagawea her way anywhere.
Come Christ the weary, wicked ones.
It's nearly impossible to Shikibu today.
The ambitious musician wanted to Mozart the audience.
It's lovely when someone Potters a story.
They Gutenberged their documents.
Quite possibly anyone could Dickinson if they really tried.
The art world yearns to be Picassoed.
She Rogers her way across the stage so gracefully.
In class, the professor would often Socrates us.
The young environmentalist hopes to Carson someday.
We haven't been really Einsteined in a while.

A Poet's Name-Verb Dictionary (Now with Usage Examples) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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