Prayer for the Voices of Resistance

May words and purpose ride their horses,
  rally truths, discover courses
    into minds deceptions fenced,
      where blind denial stands against
        those notions that would disagree
          with visions it pretends to see.
Let wisdom's lantern light the way
  from cautious thought to what deeds say
    so messages can echo clear
      and facts, not factions, move you nearer
        toward that realm where reason speaks
          through valleys, cities, mountain peaks
and resonates across the land,
  that anyone might understand
    these tidings must pertain to all,
      and, should you falter, more may fall
        if history repeats once more
          and justice suffers as before.
May peace be ever in your sight
  and conquer hearts of those who'd fight
    for false beliefs or grievous wrongs
      or threaten hate where hope belongs.
        Let patience be your secret shield
          within that vicious battlefield.

May tolerance, in time, persuade
  as old agendas bend and fade
    till bold compassions come at last
      to lift us from the tortured past
        toward futures where democracy
          means justice loves equality.

Prayer for the Voices of Resistance © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: September 5, 2021