Ten million years
through haloed night

three tumbling crumbs
mere nuclei

elliptic compass
planets mass

folding stellar detritus
into what becomes this land

oceanic flowing skies
each gentle crease along your hand

those lustrous blossoms in your hair
which dances with the wind tonight

reflecting moon your knowing eyes
there my world revolving warms

with limbs aligned unwinding time
three hearts entwined refining rhyme

designs inclining life divine
once we entrust eternal dust

to recombine and soon enwomb
a sacred space where new minds form.

Protoplanetary © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines.  Dust of Eternity challenge prompt - link:

Poem inspired by the gradual creation of planets from dusty disks surrounding stars and the cosmic stardust from which complex matter and even life may arise.
Submitted: March 5, 2020