A Raindrop on Its Journeys

Through water cycles, year by year,
I fall, ascend, and soon appear

upon a bride in summer rain
or on the groom who waits in vain;

on knights in quest of victories
or captains trapped in angry seas;

upon the critics which commend
or farmers pleading droughts to end;

on top of tears already cried
or in the eyes of shattered pride;

upon the maiden on her mare
or servants bursting from despair;

on new musicians chasing sound
or climbers finding higher ground;

upon the poets dazed with pages
or dramatists who dream of stages;

on saints and sinners, fools or kings
or mermaids swimming as they sing;

upon the builders heaving stones
or diggers dusting ancient bones;

on artists starting on a scene,
or seekers of the unforeseen;

upon astronomers at night
or lovers reaching for the light;

on astronauts returned to Earth
or mothers running to give birth;

upon philosophers and knaves
or grievers weaving through the graves.

Descending to evaporate,
I rise again, embrace my fate.

Perhaps in time, I'll land on you
and see life from your point of view.

A Raindrop on Its Journeys © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: February 2, 2021

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