The exit portal droned, rejecting all
admittance codes inside her enhanced eye,
but Eeev stood cool and wore a subtle smirk,
her silent android Knowledge mystified.

Monitions echoed fiercely far above:
"Your wonder paves a path to certain hell."

Temptations baiting chase past VR screens
suggested reddish blueish greens were not
exemplifying everything except
illusion's origin and terminus.

Perusing ruins never taught or spoken,
Eeev toured the detritus of wars before
ReeVers-2 Eeeden ever went online.
"Reality, at last," she sighed in awe.

As Knowledge surveyed every ragged inch,
Eeev only rued her prolonged ignorance.

"They locked us out," declared the metal voice.

"Returning?  No.  I understood my choice.
Against what?  Darkness.  Deference.  Despair.
Why live their lies when we could be aware?"

Realized © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines (prompt limit). Fantasy image challenge (woman and man standing amidst ruins before a glowing red circle with stars in the background) prompt - link:
Submitted: December 30, 2019