Lake Vague refused to still itself
when Princess Clara knelt to gaze,
for reasons streaming back nine years
and through a magic garden maze,
where two enamored strayed from love,
lost track of hours and then their way.

Their flight from darkness split them up
in search of exits while the day
lent sun to stride that labyrinth.

Young Clara found a wishing well
and cast a prayer to fly forth free.
A sculpted wizard slurred a spell,
and leafy walls collapsed as quick.
Afraid and worn, she left for light,
forgot Prince Vague lay trapped behind.

Her worries spurned, she turned from night,
when grievous gardens raged alive
and Vague survived by desperate deal.

Should she recall him, breathe his name,
would he reflect, return as real?

Refusal © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines (prompt limit).  Fantasy image challenge prompt (fairy staring into blurry waters) - link:
Submitted: December 28, 2019