Remembrance of a Future's Past

The future gives a splendid speech
of promising tomorrows:
discoveries, new loves in reach,
yet nothing of the sorrows
of histories we have declined
to memorize or bear in mind.

We turn a page from yesterday,
ignoring what it had to say
because it can sound out of date
and not enough of us relate
to wisdoms ages may impart.
But this is where our follies start.

Hear prospects holler, "Look ahead,
beyond the elder and the dead!"
Then we'll pursue a further year
(which often comes across as near)
when we would prosper from the past,
collect its lessons, learn (and fast)

the future's roots grew long ago
before we knew to look behind
and fathom how all moments flow
outside of time if we could find
to look back is to have the chance
to see tomorrow and advance.

Remembrance of a Future's Past © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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141 words.  24 lines (for 24 hours in a day).  Prompt 10 (Tomorrow / Don't Look Back) theme challenge prompt - link:

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Submitted: January 8, 2022