The Roads to Now and Tomorrow

The roads to now posed many twists
by mileposts and restless stops
near intersections where I'd pause
to blame or claim some sense of cause

down avenues unrecognized
exceeding maps I memorized

long paths of choice and consequence
when exits left me to commence
or circle back about anew
until I passed a point of view

and took a bold or absurd turn
intent to move but slow to learn

no distance gives its wisdom free
except in that proximity
where you arrive outside the known
and peer behind what sight has shown

and gauge no journey in amount
or stand by what you must discount

but leave your compass on a post
impelled instead by what means most
divesting quest of old deceits
to mind and stride those unseen streets

unmarked nor paved beyond our routes
when we desert dead dreams and doubts

for destinations past the glow
as clouds combust and sun leans low
toward ventures yet to test our hearts
once we embark and night departs.

The Roads to Now and Tomorrow © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: May 6, 2020