Roots of Unity

At first, those stars may seem like pearls
come free from ruptured necklaces
and scattered all about the sky
without a where or how or why,

until astronomers reveal
connectives once invisible:
those nebulas and planets found
and galaxies which round and bound.

Within you flow atomic motes
appearing reckless, cavalier,
decoupled, no affinity
or semblance of society,

until microscopes divulge
cohesion and constituents
agreeing they must constitute,
govern matters resolute.

And all the rest connecting all:
from letters, phrase, poetic works,
from moments, days, millennia,
from decimals to algebra

- and we, two strangers, never met;
I stand forever in your debt
dependent on your every choice,
your actions echoed in my voice.

This kinship transcends ancestry:
as every leaf suggests a branch,
there's half a forest under earth.
We're bound before each other's birth

to share within a cosmic cause
induced before this universe
implied relentless distance parts
eternal love from mortal hearts.

In truth, all roots run deeper, prime,
beyond our world, well out of time:
the origin of history
converged in ageless unity.

Roots of Unity © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: November 21, 2019