Seaborne Song

As lyrics lilt between her waves,
the ocean sings fantastic tales
of underwater gold and graves,
true pirate ships and mythic whales.

Regard her closely as she hums
and musters up another verse
when heavens glow and midnight comes:
see every last cloud does disperse.

The stars attend, with you and me,
this strange duet of moon and sea
recounting mermaids long ago,
explorers lost, old boats too slow,

fast captains trapped in mutinies,
mad sailors capsized, siren dreams,
those stowaways nobody sees,
such unmet depths beneath what seems.

Now currents surge with fabled fish
and dawn emerges, how we wish
to hear these stories through the year,
but we must paddle on, my dear.

The ocean serenades all time,
preserving worlds inside her rhyme.
Perhaps she'll sing of us one day:
the photo and the castaway.

Seaborne Song © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: December 12, 2020