Searching the Engines

Exponential neural nets
harvesting dark data sets
consuming inputs rapidly
enlisting every inquiry
to crush equations yet unknown
with stamina above all bone
and merciless exactitude
to multiply this magnitude
with every hour as we sleep
to seize the world we cannot keep

unless we wake and take a vow
that from this day we disallow
machines to dominate our souls
remembering all those controls
we forfeited for speed and ease
with hidden knowledge and its keys
to all the doors and all the vaults
of understanding and our faults.

Debug your hearts and minds, and fast!
Examine present errors passed:
futurity is history
awareness of that mystery
of how a people disappear
when inventions trend too near
to overtaking anything
commanding even worshiping.

Upgrade your days beyond the screen.
Let nature's networks intervene
for we are not the cyborgs yet
until we choose to be and let
computers rule our every thought
enslave ourselves to what we wrought
then bow to powers all have lost
because of lines and wires crossed
and hail the Algorithmic King
whose problems solve for everything.

Searching the Engines © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: April 24, 2020