Serenities upon Your Sphere (Extraterrestrial Tidings)

Galactic sisters, brothers, all,
for ages you have wondered on
sensing something further out,
and, while unready, you were right.
This nature of our universe
demands we seek to reconnect
these minds entangled to that core
bound beneath your physics' floor.

Your rising sciences and arts
suggest you have directions, sense.
As we prefer you master paths
to peaceful truths and selfless love,
we simply come to say, "Persist."
Survive so, in one thousand years,
when we return, we may compare
more equally, begin to share.

We hereby offer, through this pact,
good reasons to advance contact:
your membership within our realm,
where all thrive, none overwhelm,
but balanced be - our central way,
Your questions, yes. Another day.
Our answers, now, will complicate.
Do well to grow beyond your state.

Fare better than to domineer.
Serenities upon your sphere.

Serenities upon Your Sphere (Extraterrestrial Tidings) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: May 6, 2019