Shark Cage Match

Through movies, marked more menacing
- monstrosity of timid seas -
with endless rows of rabid teeth
and quenchless decimation quests:

a parody of what you are
complete with theme song - superstar,
more infamous than famed or name,
most ravenous, presumed to blame

for countless bones intoning waves
as avid divers draw close shaves
to taunt your kind with chum and spears
to gratify base human fears

provoking beasts toward certain rage
within the safety of a cage,
which you will crash, as instinct goes,
oblivious to shocking shows

portraying you well at your worst,
as if you're but our demon cursed
to roam the oceans, merciless,
and bellow horrors to possess

those souls who know you least of all,
your half an eon's worth of haul
through endless ages to survive
swimming through your sleep to thrive

- yet not endanger cherished Earth
as humans might soon after birth,
which begs a question: who are we
to judge you, thus, ironically?

Shark Cage Match © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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28 lines. Shark Week (positive poems about sharks) challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: August 9, 2019