Storyteller Stars

The evening sky, our storybook
so gently held by wispy clouds,
now shines with bright mythology
when stars recite their timeless tales.

See constellations come alive
as beasts and heroes take their shapes
above the snowy evergreens
and moonlit mountains fast asleep:

one soaring horse, the Pegasus,
now overflying Perseus,
who rescued fair Andromeda
from Cetus, serpent of the sea.

The Dragon passes Hercules
of legendary strength and quests,

the many-headed Hydra, left
beneath the clawing Scorpion.

Below, the Lion and the Bull.
Orion, archer, starts to pull.

And there the Goat and Twins aglow
as Cygnus (Swan) begins to show.

Adventures fill and thrill each night
once eyes will find them in the light.

Storyteller Stars © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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115 words.  Winter Starry Night challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: January 7, 2021