Summa Theologica (To Thomas Aquinas)

With Aristotle's logic plied,
you gathered up what could divide
and synthesized philosophy
with science and theology
to summarize the grand divine
as none before did dare define,
subjecting all to questions posed
and leaving nothing presupposed:

to formalize and principle
old faith remade with rationale,
supplying reasons volumes wide
encompassing beliefs to guide
both laity and clergy through
exhaustive audits, false from true,
supplying proofs the Lord exists,
not once but five times in your lists,
assessing angels, nature, world,
your sweeping scholarship unfurled
to take on morals, virtues, vice,
the Son of God, so to suffice
a skeptic, student, or a sage,
if one should journey, page by page,
discover providence you found:

that causal grace, creation, bound
eternally, with purpose, crowned
within no castle found on ground
or heavens set outside our sky
but in each consecrated why,
which seeks to know and glorify
those verities that testify.

Summa Theologica (To Thomas Aquinas) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: November 2, 2019