The Tigress to Her Loving Cub

Together on this outcropping
we mind the wild world in spring

those heavy hooves and hungry howls
the dusty scuffles, savage growls

pursued and prowlers in the reed,
the yawning fawn and tumbleweed

vast stampedes spurred to burst in fear
should crocs or jackals creep too near

the zebras feeding far from harm
as mosquitoes swoop and swarm

nine elephants in sluggish stride
as vultures loop and meerkats hide

serene giraffe, their feast of leaves,
the pregnant mare who huffs and heaves:

how each partakes a primal role,
completes the circle, makes us whole.

Too soon my son you'll join them there
with paws and claws, your awesome stare

while I will watch from near or far
proud of the tiger that you are.

The Tigress to Her Loving Cub © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines.  Image challenge prompt (female tiger and her baby sitting calmly together) - link:

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Submitted: April 24, 2020