To Clio, Muse of History

Enliven us to tend our backward paths
entwined, made vague like vines disguising tracks
long overgrown by undergrowth unchecked.

Enthuse reviews of ways and aftermaths,
of choices voiced, unspoken pasts, of acts
inaction actuates, with retrospect

exempt from faint nostalgic eyes, so deeds
and reasons may reveal forgotten days,
late names and places all should memorize,

along with lessons, errors - what precedes
new futures schooled by unlearned works and phrase.
Let histories inspire enterprise:

enchant those quondam aspects eyes neglect
with blessed essence readied to reflect.

To Clio, Muse of History © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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A sonnet form.  Muses (Children of Mnemosyne, mother of the nine muses) challenge prompt (#1 - Clio, muse of history) - link:
Submitted: November 6, 2019