To the Spirit of My Lion Father

Your spirit, still it speaks to me
beyond the forests, what I see,
provoking growth yet memory
of all you taught me how to be

to suffer wilderness and cold
as someone humbled although bold
when dangers prey, or to survive
- then I must roar with claws and thrive

yet ever be at peace with life
and not to saunter into strife,
protecting pride and hide and soul
remaining always in control

not giving in to instinct's dare
or instigators anywhere
yet never to be wholly tame.
I strongly boast your noble name

and journey not as one alone
among the mountains, bones and stone.
Though wind picks up to muss my mane,
I shirk it off and stake my reign,

a king of self with strength to lend
the weak who need a loyal friend,
a guardian for all the land,
one wise enough to understand

what would be better - flight or fight
- and when a fire's not the light.
Your morals guide me through the night
inspiring my inner might

which does not disappear with day
but fortifies me on my way
through jungles, deserts, every cave.
I fear no evil. I am brave.

To the Spirit of My Lion Father © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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This poem dedicated to my father, Robert J. Tiess, Sr., who passed away in 1987, when I was just a boy, and God, the Father.

Inspiration also comes from Psalm 23:4 in the Bible: :3-5&version=KJV
Submitted: November 29, 2020