To Tolkien, the Mythmaker

From ancient lore, lost lingual arts,
through verses birthed in precious flames,
you summoned heroes, wizards, fiends,
all archetypes of journeying,
with giants, tyrants, signs and songs,
enchanting realms with mighty tales
that bring us back where all begins:
in times benign with lesser sins,

a world serenely free, at ease,
before the gore and tortured trees,
mad shadows hounding after powers
as seething creatures curse the hours
of swarming armor, clashing swords,
the braying horses, raving hordes
of warriors called forth to slay
vast dragons crashing in the fray.

Your ringing legends resonate
past fantasy to fascinate
a seeker, dreamer, child, or sage
to wander off the beaten page
with purpose, nerve, perhaps a smile,
and stride outside a country mile
for fellowship, adventure, light,
return a king, then set things right

so others may engage and dance,
revel or rest, reflect, romance,
know innocence and purity,
tranquility, security,
until some evil rears its head,
fresh demons feed upon old dread,
new champions ascend to fight
and come full circle in this rite.

To Tolkien, the Mythmaker © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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The speaker of the poem addresses the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
Submitted: August 6, 2021