Dark power lines cast wide above:

their wires weave like fishing nets
drawn over low and floating clouds
as if someone might trawl the sky
then leave a sea of emptiness
unto the moon that's like a whale
left aimless in a wash of darkness.

Quite possibly, you'll disagree:

the net is there to catch the sky
if some alarmist says it falls;

or all those cables form a sieve,
a filter to let air come through
along with rain, but nothing more,
as some perceive that as control,
a demo of supremacy,
as long the weather plays along.

or is it a suspension bridge,
and are we either under it
or crossing toward another time?

From certain angles, lines design
an early version of a cage
contrived to keep a giant back
from crushing forests as its bounds
at butterflies too big to fly
(their fluttering means hurricanes).

Or could this grid work like a drain,
where tears drop up so nothing here
would drown in floods of much regret
while we neglect the gravity
of every grievance humans heap
upon creation's once good earth.

Trawling © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: December 21, 2021