The War Within

Across the rattled battlefield,
between the conflict, cause, and crushed,

another soldier turns to pause
before the dusk of common sense.

This warrior draws in a breath,
contends with death yet does not blink,

but thinks instead - much wondering -
then questions nearly everything.

   What were the targets of this war?
   Which is it I'd be dying for?

   Why perish here? Why force an end?
   What was it that one must defend?

   Why crash and slash while this world bleeds?
   Could peace survive such grievous deeds?

   Who stands to cede or claim control?

   How does the broken become whole?

And thus the deeper struggles start,
beliefs through views, from soul to heart:

to conquer doctrine, self, deceit,
or else live life in full retreat.

The War Within © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines.  Warrior / war theme challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: February 16, 2022