The Way, the Truth, the Life

Your words trail off a jagged path,
    grow fainter when I stray within
    the forests of my ignorance,
        then disappear if I tread near
        that dismal place of disbelief.

Within those shadows, all falls dark,
    until your whispers tinge the wind,
    remind me why I braved these ways,
        enduring stones, forbidding slopes,
        through fire, ice, relentless rain,

pursuing truths along the course
    of answers I have yet to seek
    between the valley and the peak
        of every question, sense, and choice.
        I strain my ears to hear your voice.

The Way, the Truth, the Life © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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15 lines.  Psalms 119:105 inspiration challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: July 26, 2021