We Are Water

Your current turns my water wheel,
drives my heart's machinery.

I am the water for your brush,
a part of all the art you paint.

Your waters bear me as I sail
throughout your world in search of love.

I'm strong as ice when you decide
to figure skate across my thoughts.

You baptize me, admit my soul
into your heaven, where I'm whole.

We thirst for life and flow as one:
this blissful river we become.

We Are Water © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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12 lines (prompt limit). 77 words.
Prompt 2 (water).  Brevity inspiration prompt challenge - link: https://allpoetry.com/contest/2798343-Inspired-Brevity-RUPI-KAUR
Submitted: January 29, 2022

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